Designing digital, cultural and process systems that create, sustain and improve people’s experiences with your brand.

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People live in a world that is an amalgam of experiences that cross over communication modalities from in person or on the phone through to a myriad of electronic devices in use today. I believe that a customer is anyone who spends time, money or influence with a brand. It is my life’s work as a CX|UX design professional to insure that those experiences are good ones. I strive for successful outcomes that are pleasant, efficient and effective. I also believe that in order to have a good experience, you have to limit the bad experiences and so a focus of my work is insuring the elimination of bad experiences while elevating the good.


Great experiences can only be delivered and maintained when an entire organization is committed to them. Many larger companies have siloed their teams into divisions with separate goals and focus, preventing a comprehensive experience and quality of experience, the “experience brand” if you will, that keeps people engaged, happy and loyal to your brand. As digital systems and marketing become more complex and dominant within companies, the over-arching culture can be influenced by the demands, culture and needs of the technology department to the detriment of the customer journey. I work to insure that everyone in a company is onboard with the value exchange and experience brand that differentiates their company from others so that companies can find, retain and serve with delight their customers and their employees, boding well for business in the 21st century.


While companies tend to focus on the latest app, website, eCommerce, bricks and mortar or service interaction with people the “back office” structures, culture and processes sometimes fall behind, or never were designed well in the first place. Perhaps the company grew quickly from a start up, or is a large established organization with rules and governance from another generation. Regardless, how an organization keeps up with systems and processes to support customer journeys is of critical importance to find, delight and keep customers. When systems are implemented internally, it is equally important to address business processes and rules that must be in place for the system to work effectively. I always apply insights from business process design on any UX | CX project to insure the company can deliver and exceed expectations.