Its all in the details...

A few years ago, a dear friend of mine told me that he was seeing someone new, and that it was love at first site. She came in a gorgeous, inviting package and he was going to spend that evening, and many more with her. It took a few minutes for me to catch on that he was talking about the new Mac he had bought, a switch from the PC world of his past. The visceral experience of unwrapping the machine, the rich smoothness of the cardboard, built to last, a place for everything, no messy bubble wrap thing at the bottom of the box... the whole experience was one of presentation and respect, for the computer and for the person experiencing it. There is no doubt that the anticipation of a comprehensive experience from Apple is part of the delight people have engaging with them and whatever product they are producing at any given moment.

Even organizations who do not think of themselves as product companies, with customers to "please" can benefit from considering what will delight their supporters. When a person has an experience with you, as a volunteer, donor or wanting to recruit other's support, what is that like? Is it a process and an introduction so elegant that they find you irresistible? I believe that the attention to detail Apple gives to mundane things like packaging is a key to their huge success, and that organizations that come to see their supporters as customers would benefit from a culture shift that puts awareness and attention to the details of people's experience with them.

Have you ever had an experience with a company or organization that oozed with respect and delight such that it made them irresistible? Maybe there is a small place to start, to experiment with what that would be like, a small step to huge success, just like Apple.