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Dive into the pioneering vision of Linda’s first book: ‘The Crime of Profits Over People: Stop Stealing from your Customers and Learn Why Putting People First Leads to Profits and Praise.’ With over three decades at the forefront of designing user and customer experiences and reengineering business processes, Linda offers an unparalleled perspective on the critical importance of people-centric strategies for resilient organizational and economic success.

This new book from Linda L Francis unveils the profound concept of 360c, highlighting the omnipresence of humanity in business. She leads us to a paradigm shift that places people first while assuring us that profits will follow. In her world, customers are not only those who contribute their money but also their time and/or influence towards your organization. This perspective extends to view employees, colleagues and other stakeholders in a different light, employing the same customer research and design techniques to deliver better experiences that improve lives while generating business value. Linda argues convincingly that all organizations are human enterprises at their core and recognizing and valuing every human interaction lays the foundation for genuine profitability and a resilient brand identity. Linda invites you to share her belief that capitalism can and should be personal and profitable.

'The Crime of Profits Over People' marries theoretical insights with practical advice and real-world examples, demonstrating the undeniable benefits of prioritizing people.

Linda addresses the transformative power of being accountable for customer experiences and the importance of valuing, respecting, and investing in all stakeholders. Through a blend of humor, irreverence, and practical wisdom, she advocates for a compassionate, conscientious, and profitable approach to business, urging a paradigm shift in how we view human enterprises and the value propositions they offer.

Who is this book for?

Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs: Discover strategies for transforming into a people-first business that transcends expectations for profitability and resilience.

Human Resources Professionals: Implement people-first policies that prioritize the well-being of employees and customers alike.

Management Students: Equip yourself with modern, ethical business practices that challenge traditional profit-first ideologies.

Social Entrepreneurs: Align financial success with positive social and environmental impacts through a compassionate business approach.

General Business Readers: Engage with thought-provoking insights on transforming capitalism to place people at the center of business.

Excerpt from the Chapter, "The Potential for AI to Transform The Human Experience (HX)":

“Let’s imagine an enterprise attempted an AI “intervention” in customer service that sought to replace a human agent. If an AI is interacting with a live customer, it only has access to the learning provided. The AI has a limited ability (though this may improve over time) to understand the emotional state of the customer. It would also have no way of knowing if that was the third bad customer experience that person had that day, each with different companies, for example.

Also, companies seem to rely on people knowing the company’s terminology to describe their situation. In my own experience, I often find it difficult to explain what I am seeing on a bill when that section of the bill doesn’t have a title that is obvious to me. When faced with an AI bot, I struggle being able to be precise with my question or I am offered a list of options that don’t fit my problem. I’m worried that companies will do the minimum to help the AI do a better job than a human can. In fact, when I am faced with a barrage of questions in a chat, meant to filter down to the answer or link I need to solve my issue, I just start typing “human” over and over. I’m pretty sure I’m going to break the keys that spell “human” with my increasingly intense and frequent pounding. I think that a thoughtful application of AI in combination with better CX interfaces could create a system that would display my bill in this example and enable me to point to the place where I have the issue. Ideas like creating a system that allows customers to point to a specific part of a bill (or any document) for clarification or dispute is not only feasible but represents a direction where AI could significantly enhance user experiences. Expanding the possibilities for much better customer experiences with this approach transcends basic AI capabilities by potentially integrating sophisticated AI analysis with user-friendly interface design to create a more effective and satisfying customer service interaction.”

What You Will Discover:

A Revolutionary Perspective: Linda’s unique take, derived from her extensive experience, on how prioritizing people over profits can transform organizations. This book unveils the profound concept of 360c—highlighting the omnipresence of people in business and the importance of valuing every interaction.

The Intersection of AI and Human-centric Business Models: Insightful analysis on how artificial intelligence can be thoughtfully integrated as augmented intelligence into business practices to enhance the human experience (HX), without losing sight of the importance of ethical boundaries, emotional intelligence and better outcomes for people along with gains in profitability.

Practical Insights and Real-World Examples: Learn through a blend of theoretical insights, personal anecdotes, and practical advice. Understand how ethical and practical business practices, leadership development, and strategies for nurturing a loyal customer base and dedicated workforce can coalesce to create unmatched profitability and brand loyalty.

A Compassionate, Conscientious Approach to Business: Linda advocates for a business world where empathy, understanding, and accountability are not just ethical choices but strategic ones that lead to unparalleled profits and praise.

A Call to Action for All: Serving as a critical resource for anyone looking to challenge the status quo and embrace a people-first approach in their professional endeavors, this book is a must-read for leaders, entrepreneurs, HR professionals, management students, social entrepreneurs, and general business readers interested in transforming capitalism to place people at the center of business.

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